Corporate Social Responsibility Activities


Since its founding, our company has been engaged mainly in civil engineering related work.
Strive to improve our technology and provide the best service to our customers by pursuing employee happiness and enhance
humanity and contribute to society with technology. We will grow and develop by focusing on our customers, employees, and local
communities. Under such circumstances, we believe that compliance with social responsibility as a company is essential, and we are engaged
in social contribution activities through our business.

SDG’s に向けた取り組み

Initiatives for SDG’s

持続可能な開発目標(SDG’s)とは、2015年9月の国連サミットで採択された「持続可能な開発のための2030アジェンダ」にて記載された2030年までに持続可能でよりよい世界を目指す国際目標です。17のゴール・169のターゲットから構成され,地球上の「誰一人取り残さない(leave no one behind)」ことを誓っています。SDGsは発展途上国のみならず,先進国自身が取り組むユニバーサル(普遍的)なものであり、日本としても積極的に取り組んでいます。当社としても社会的責任の遵守とともに、日本が掲げる8つの優先課題に沿って取り組みを行ってまいります。
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to be a sustainable and better world by 2030, as described in the “2030 Agenda for
Sustainable Development” adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015 It is an international goal. Composed of 17 goals and 169 targets,
we pledge to “leave no one behind” on the earth. The SDGs are not only for developing countries but also developed countries themselves, and
Japan actively engaged in it.
Our company will comply with social responsibility and will work in line with the eight priority issues set by Japan.


Initiative content



Review work style

To prevent long working hours, visualize the working hours of employees as information that everyone can check and endeavors to get the job done. From now on, we will continue to review the internal system so that each individual can maintain a work-life balance.


役員除く技術者9 名のうち、3 名が女性技術者であり、そのうち1 名は新卒入社です。産休や育児期間の勤務制度も見直し、働きやすい環境整備を行っています。

Active recruitment of female engineers

Out of the nine technicians excluding officers, three are female technicians and one of them is a new graduate. Maternity leave and childcare period systems have been reviewed to create an easy work environment.


これから国内のみならず、海外のインフラが整備されていない諸国において、当社の技術で貢献して参ります。そのため、当社としても外国人の採用の取り組みを積極的に進め、現時点で1 名のネパール出身のメンバーを雇用しております。

Active recruitment of foreign engineers

We will continue to contribute through technology not only in Japan but also in foreign countries where overseas infrastructure is
not developed. Therefore, we are actively promoting the recruitment of foreign technicians and currently, we are hiring one member from
the country of Himalayas, Nepal.



Development of telework environment

We have created an environment in which women who are raising children and those who have difficulty commuting can work at home.



Medical checkup and vaccination

All of our employees receive medical examinations and influenza vaccinations at the full expense of our company.



Introduction training system

Regardless of whether you are a new graduate or not, employees who join Brains will be given training and start learning about technology and engineering. We have set up a mechanism that allows you to learn in the gap time using e-learning.



Human skill development planning system

We have established multiple in-house subcommittees and have systematized a training plan so that one of them, the Board of Education, can stand alone 2.5 years after joining the company. We have established a system that allows new employees to make clear what they will remember and what they will do to improve their skills with peace of mind.



Trainer system

After joining the company, one senior employee must be a trainer while learning technical terms and skills. We have a system in place to regularly check progress and follow up on mental health.



Support for qualification acquisition

Participation in various training courses aimed at improving technology and half the cost of taking the qualification test. We have a system in place for the company to pay.



Overseas design work

Our Company is providing technical support with Japanese technology and with our technological strength in road design in developing countries.

ソロモン諸島の「HINODE HIGHWAY」は日本の技術支援によりできた道路です。



Support for qualification acquisition

In the event of a disaster, quickly assign personnel to the design work to carry out design work related to restoration.


Our business is responsible for road design, which is part of making people’s lives richer. When designing new roads, it is difficult to eliminate deforestation at all while working to minimize deforestation when going through the mountains. For this reason, everyone in our company works to protect the abundance of land.



Paperless activities

In design work, design data is often still output on paper before printing, we make sure that the paper is really the one we need, and then we manage the number of prints monthly. We use FSC-certified recycled paper, refrain from printing in-house, and use both side of paper whenever necessary.



Power saving activities

Most of our company’s business uses PCs. Reviewing work styles We try to keep using as low as possible and put the PC in sleep mode from 12:30 to 30 minutes during lunch break to reduce power consumption and minimize CO2 emissions.



Local cleanup activities / Tree planting activities

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we are currently suspending activities. We will soon resume and we will report the activity on our website.